February 28, 2011

Inside Coco Chanel's 31 Rue Cambon in Paris::

'An interior is the natural projection of the soul,' were the wise words of fashion icon Coco Chanel.
Paying homage to the iconic designer, Chanel's apartment has been frozen in time since her death in 1971 and preserves her decor as if she had just designed it.
Her mix of occidental and oriental references was groundbreaking in her day. Above the Chanel store on street level are sprawling mirrored and lacquered dressing rooms. Her apartment takes up the second floor and above that is the design workshop. Coco Chanel designed a mirrored spiral staircase to wind up through the house so she could see what was happening on every level!

Her imaginative and experimental style is also showcased in the lacquered Chinese screens that she split and used as wallpaper to adorn the walls.

Her dining room is extremely opulent and indulgent. It’s home to more oriental screens, gilt mirrors, busts, lions, and chandeliers with the famous ‘5’s’ and double ‘C’s’ made from semi-precious stones interwoven into its design.

Her sofa reportedly mixes her favorite color and material and such a combination was quite controversial in the world of interiors at the time. She also held interviews from this sofa and was very choosy about who she allowed to join her on it. A packed wooden bookshelf wraps around yet another gilt mirror and lines the far wall.

Her mix of oriental, modern and traditional decor was a revolution of interior design at the time and is still around today, a testament to her eye for detail&timeless chic $tyle.


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