March 18, 2009

ti$a - El mi$$ion $tatement::

El ti$avi$ is the brainchild of chief creative visionary tAz Arnold "I created this program so people can start to see things in a new way that is not so fragmented; this is a first in media and a new platform which will help ti$a and the collective synthesis to communicate more effectively with our unique and ultra creative audience" says Arnold. Along with tAz's chic and magnanimously styled quintet of beautiful women, he goes where no other man has gone before. Limited only by his own imagination, tAz delves into ancient mysteries and otherworldly perspectives culminating into a series of stellar visuals, melodies and harmonics while focusing on thoughts of peace and uniting ones inner grid or colored wheels known as the chakra rainbow. Electrochemically speaking one double bonds the excrement with electric sweat combined with magnetic bile creating the alchemist's grand palette also known as ti$a's plethora of beauty. This is the beginning of a new creative cycle with renewed energy and a new perspective. As the mind progresses so will the rhetoric nuances and aesthetic. Stay tuned the journey is just beginning! 

Conceived and Written by tAz Arnold

Directed by Kenzo Digital & tAz Arnold

we run this Art $hit! - ti$a

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