March 5, 2009

the first hip hop in fashion$, trends and ideals aka El $wagg!

Arguably the best rAp song ever mAde.. heed the me$$age and the $tyle!

The Real Grand Master$ Flash like Crazy!

One of the founders of HIP HOP and the Mighty Zulu Nation Afrika Bambaataa.


Extracted from the Appendix of the book 'Urban Cries'

Hip Hop in terminology, describes five fundamental principles. These principles are the core elements that substantiate the Hip Hop Culture itself.

1. Deejay-ing... is the first element of Hip Hop; this has evolved into an industry of music production. Many of the world’s renounced producers of today were deejays in the earlier days of the culture.

2. Emceeing... is the second element of the culture. It represents the voice, the trumpet, of the culture.

3. Break Dancing... the third element, is a form of martial arts – like Capoeira for instance, – it does no harm. The art of break dancing expresses strength, skill, balance and creativity. 

4. Graffiti... the fourth element, which is a form of hieroglyphics, is a way of expressing ones tag, or brand, so to speak. The tagging has evolved into the clothing industry, represented as branded garments.

5. Knowledge... the fifth element, holistically combines the first four. ‘Right Knowledge’ connects one to God. Simile to the four elements in the Khemetian culture, combined by the fifth element. (earth, water, air, fire – and the fifth-God/Ether)


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