November 14, 2008

Priceless Books For The Filthy Rich::

Someone has rightly said, “After love, book collecting is the most exhilarating sports of all.” So, for those book-lovers who follow this by heart, AbeBooks is offering a chance to own 10 priceless and rare books including “An Atlas of England and Wales” from Christopher Saxton dated back to 1574, leading with a price tag of approx. £488,716. The atlas was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I; each map bears the Royal Arms as a symbol of her supervision and endorsement. And, if you are still wondering what you could fetch for such an enormous price then for that amount, you could fly first class to Wales, purchase a 5 bedroom, Victoria townhouse within walking distance of Pontypridd, and a 2008 Ferrari 599, to explore England and Wales yourself, in style. AbeBooks treasure includes other priceless books from different genre including: On the Origin of Species from the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin for £110,000, for the more frugal millionaire: Lord Jim from Joseph Conrad priced at £60,000, Emma from Jane Austen for £325,000. For complete listing check-out AbeBooks.

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