November 14, 2008

Bond No. 9 Brings Crystal-$tudded Bottles For The Holiday $eason::

Bond No.9 is preparing the brand for the upcoming holidays in full Swarovski shine. New editions are presented in precious, luxury and catchy flacons, which tingle your imagination, both with their composition and with glamorous design.

Bleecker Street Bejeweled receives new, glittering "Swarovski treatment", and it inspires with gourmand-oriental aromas of patchouli, black currant leaves and buds, caramel, wood and musk. The flacon is available as 100 ml EDT, in emerald colour, with light and dark green details, golden-yellow stripes, with contrast in amethyst nuances and tiny crystals in the same nuances distributed regularly on the body of this edition. A luxurious crystal is placed on the center of the flacon. Price of this edition is $395.

The Swarovski All Stars is a collection of three perfumes available in amount of 50 ml EDT, decorated with tiniest and finest crystals in three colours.This kind of crystal creates the best effect of reflection. The chosen editions are the most desirable and wanted among perfumes by the house of Bond No.9: Eau de New York, with glamorous diamond shine, composed of aromas of citruses, cyclamen, jasmine and vetiver; Chelsea Flowers, composed of peony, magnolia and rose, available in emerald colour and third perfume, Chinatown, which seduces with peach, gardenia, tuberose and sandalwood, dressed in ruby-coloured crystals. All three perfumes are limited and their price is $650.

And at the end – fragrant and visual perfection: Swarovski Crystallized Amphora – hand made amphora, decorated with 16,500 platinum Swarovski gems, with a stopper made as a ellipse-shaped mirror  with a base formed like golden honeycomb. And the composition depends only on the user. The customer can fill this precious and unusual flacon with one of 32 perfumes by the house of Bond No.9, according to their wish. Outer carton is also luxurious and created of white leather decorated with crystals, as well. The price of Swarovski Amphora is $3500, available in amount of 125 ml.

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