October 24, 2008

The Hermès Kelly Bag::

Over the years, Hermès has designed some of the most famous handbags in the world. One of the most famous types of Hermès handbags is the Kelly bag. The Hermès Kelly bag was designed by Hermès in Paris, France in the 1930s and was shortly thereafter sold in the US. Its fame has been enhanced by its popularity among famous female personalities worldwide, including its royal family namesake, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco

In 1956 Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life Magazine with the Hermès using the famous handbag to cover her pregnant stomach. Suddenly there was a six month waiting list to get one, which is still the case in most Hermès stores in the United States.

The princess, one of the most renowned beauties of the 20th century, was one of the century’s style icons. Even before her storybook marriage to the dashing Prince Rainier of Monaco, Grace Kelly the actress was already a household name in the U.S., where her wholesome yet sophisticated look defined “classic elegance.”

Indeed, her well-to-do family background, her cool blonde beauty figure, and her ladylike wardrobe were immensely influential on what later would become classic American style. The bag, still the luxury goods house’s strongest seller, became known forever as “the Kelly bag” and remains a status symbol.

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