October 24, 2008

Designer Helicopter by Hermès and Eurocopter::

French Luxury Brand Hermés and Eurocopter have created magic with their designer new copter, the L’helicoptre par Hermès. Italian designer Gabriele Pezzini was roped in to add the touch of class and transform the mundane interiors to something that would meet the approvals of Mr. Moneybags. The helicopter is based on the eurocpter EC135, the company’s best selling lightweight, twin-engined helicopter. Bothe the engineers of Eurocopter and craftsmen of Hermés toiled together and separately to deliver a stunning creation. Approximately 55 modifications were suggested but ultimately only 50 were commissioned. One of the major modifications was done to the helicopter’s landing gear. Pezzini designed a completely new form that improved the functionality of the step, while subtly matching the overall color scheme. The door handles and other exterior parts were replaced to co-ordinate with the color pallet. Signature Hermès ‘toile h’ canvas has been used to do up the interiors. The seats and banquettes are covered in calf’s leather. A look at the insides and you’re floored by its chic, sophisticated looks.

H  H  H  H  H  H  H - ti$a

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