August 23, 2008


Our brother Kanye decided to revisit TI$A's "Vote Obama" video on his blog yesterday at which inspired us to post the video.

TI$A, recently released this music video in support of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The video features a song, produced by Daedelus, with lyrics supporting voting "Obama way." The video features cameos from Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Travis Barker, Shepard Fairey, Apl of the Black Eyed Peas, Consequence, Fab 5 Freddy, and Miss Jack Davey.

Do YOU want to see "VOTE OBAMA" on U.S. television?
This video is already playing in Japan on MTV and other various stations and it is time to get this video on MTV here in the states! Call or write to MTV, VH1, & BET and tell them you want to see this video on their station!

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