April 17, 2010

Louis Vuitton x Hand pAinting $ervices & Steps::

Louis Vuitton painting: being unique is an art in itself. Hand-painted strips and monograms in rich, vibrant color give a unique elegance to Louis Vuitton hard-sided luggage. Artistic lettering does more than merely identify luggage and travel accessories; it gives them a distinctly personal character. Using the finest tools and meticulous artistry, Louis Vuitton expert painters create striking travel pieces that bear the stamp of exclusivity.

Louis Vuitton offers a personalized painting service for hard sided Monogram or Damier canvas luggage purchased in Louis Vuitton stores.This service is available free of charge for the standard offer. You are invited to consult with a sales associate at any Louis Vuitton store to request this service. For initials and stripes, select from a rich palette of 16 vibrant colors.

Louis Vuitton sales associates can recommend the most appropriate size and position for your painting. Examples are displayed in Louis Vuitton stores. To design a personal monogram.Choose up to three characters in one of 8 font sizes, with or without a dot. Add a maximum of 2 painted stripes to your luggage in one of 2 line thicknesses.

Allow a completion time of one month for initials or stripes. Special requests, including emblems, logos and numbers,may incur a charge and require more time to complete. You may then collect your personalized piece from your Louis Vuitton store. The picture below shows examples of hand-painted coat of arms on monogram canvas,hand-painted initials on monogram canvas,two hand-painted stripes and digit on monogram canvas and two hand-painted initials on Damier canvas.

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