April 5, 2010

bAstards of the pArty x L.A. gAngs x hi$tory::

Raised in the Athens Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Cle "Bone" Sloan was four years old when his father died, and 12 when he became a member of the Bloods. Now an inactive member of the notorious gang, Sloan looks back at the history of black gangs in his city and makes a powerful call for change in modern gang culture with his insightful documentary, BASTARDS OF THE PARTY.

This footage you are now watching is a pArt of the reality for me and everyone else living in Los Angeles.. so called mexicAns and so called blAcks are the original inhabitants of this lAnd and have been for thousAnds of yeAr$ cAlifornia/Azt-lAn and los angeles area is one of the oldest places on eArth. In 1847 Los Angeles was described as 'undoubtedly the toughest town of the entire nation.' We the royal indigenous people i.e. wAshitaw muurs olmec toltec Aztec mAya mixtecs
arawAk etc.. when we get our $hit together we will once again be one with the love and the lAnd as one nAtion.

yang-yin, positive charge +/negative charge -, RA-MU, sun-moon, red-blue, right-left, high-low, fire-water, right brain-left brain, masculine-feminine.. all of these realities exist within us, one must find the balance to become a whole and completely unified person.

IslAm= i am unified/neutral/balanced= i am peAce! - ti$a

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