February 19, 2010

Andy Warhol x BMW Art cAr = 1979::

Legendary pop artist Andy Warhol's BMW Art Car is certainly the most well-known work of art in the BMW Art Car collection. The M1 shines with bright, thickly applied colours: Red, green, blue and yellow - as a colourful expression of the artist's intention to create a visual image of movement.

Warhol himself was just as enthusiastic as usual: "I love that car. It has turned out better than the artwork". Instead of first designing a scale model and leaving the final completion to his assistants as his predecessors did, the pop art legend painted the BMW M1 from the beginning to the end himself - and signed on the wet paint using his fingers. "If a car is really fast, all contours and colours will become blurred."

check Andy'$ FIT.. its wAy crAzine$$! - ti$a

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