February 19, 2010

1933 BMW 303::

EVER wondered about the origins of BMW's distinctive kidney grille?

This expressive front end design with its kidney grille and round headlamps was originally conceived in the bodyshop of the Ihle Brothers in Bruchsal, Baden. It was the signature front-end of the brothers' small, two-seater sleek roadster. Apart from its two exposed round head-lamps, the front incorporated a novel bipartite radiator grille in the shape of a pair of kidneys - a highly idiosyncratic, bold design that was well ahead of its time. Despite this flamboyance, the car ended ignominiously in the breaker's yard.

Enter Fritz Fiedler, a seasoned BMW designer who instantly took to the expressive front end. He adopted the design, produced a number of variations and within a few months, the striking dual grille was embellishing the front of the brand-new 303 Series in time for the Berlin Motor Show of 1933. The rest they say, is hi$tory.

1933 BMW 303

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