January 16, 2010


The good folks at Creative Control bang out the first installment of Ti$aVision TV. The premier episode features Sa-Ra Creative Partners front man Taz Arnold performing, showing his studio in LA and flashing his fashion aesthetic.

The word "crazy" gets tossed around unduly when speaking of people who may be on another wavelength or maybe even ahead of their time. The non-linear thought process of 'tAz Arnold aka Ti$a' has definitely garnered him the "crazy" moniker but his ability to curb that right brain thinking into efforts such as music and clothing would brand him more as an eccentric due to his ability to harness his creativity. From working with musicians such as Kanye West, Herbie Hancock, Erykah Badu, Iggy Pop and his own group, SA-RA Creative Partners to fashion brands such as MCM and Kanye West's now defunct Pastelle, tAz has proven that just because they can't understand you doesn't mean you're not making sense. Creative Control spent some time with Ti$a in his L.A. studio to find a method to his perceived madness.


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