January 1, 2009

Bio Ethanol Powered Climax $upercar::

The pictured above is literally a gorgeous green automobile. Inspired by the iconic Cooper Climax F1 car and Le Mans type race cars of the ’50s, the Climax is a British mid engine, two-seat, open sports car that runs on bio-ethanol. The Climax is able to run both on bio-ethanol and unleaded petrol. Bespoke, exclusive, and hand-finished, the bio-ethanol-powered supercar comes equipped with flip-up aero–screens, detachable F1 style steering wheel, retractable tonneau cover and a Climax Control that can enhance the car’s performance. The body of the gorgeous sports car is beautifully crafted from aluminum. You also have the option to go for carbon fiber. The car gets from 0-60mph in less than four seconds, while the claimed top speed is 170 mph. If you have some strong eco values, the Climax sports car is one great option to consider. Customers can customize the Climax with a range of color and interior options available. Only 100 units will be put into production with each costing €100,000 (approx. US $135,000).

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