December 30, 2008

Ways To Wear Your Hermès Scarf::

There is nothing more effortless than an Hermes scarf worn every which way. French women have it down. They toss it, knot it, twist it, and voila — instant “Je ne sais quoi chic-ness.” But don’t fret! You, too, can achieve this look easily! Just follow these simple instructions.

This is not as complicated as it looks. It does, however, require two scarves. I like buying two of the same pattern in contrasting colors to make it more interesting.

The asymmetric is the most complicated style. You will have to practice a few times to get it, but, once you do, you’ll love it because it’s the most wearable.

This is fabulous for cruise ships or beachside resorts. Toss it on under a lightweight cardigan or a boy blazer for a casual yet sexy look.

This style is the easiest… just criss cross the top, wrap around your neck, pull the bottom tight and wrap around your waist. Simple, yet so sexy!

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M* said...

now this wat i call, makin it completely worth it!!

thanks, this sum good tips.