December 17, 2008

Limited Edition Gold Bike Crystal Edition Pedals In For $111,000::

With escalating fuel prices and depleting reserves, it’s high time that we think about an eco-friendly mode of transport. Though there are several hybrid eco-car options already up in the market and many more on the horizon, but riding a bicycle might be the best mode of green commuting. Till now it was also considered to be the most affordable alternative to travel to and fro, at least for shorter routes. However, the 24 carat gold plated bike from Aurumania is here to defy that assumption. Following closely behind the 24ct gold Hutch Prostar, this Gold Bike Crystal Edition is exclusively handcrafted, with more than 600 dazzling Swarovski crystals adorning the gold plated body. Believed to be the most expensive bike till date, undoubtedly all 10 of them will be reserved, without hesitation, by the ultra-rich tribe.

A gold leaf encrusted on a leather badge on the front of the bike sports the limited-edition number. The first one of the lot is already on its way (sold) to beautify a wall in one of house in London. For $111,000, you can grab one of the 10 limited edition gold bikes and perch on the Brooks leather saddle to pedal away to your destination.

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