December 15, 2008

Grace Jones Is Back After 20 Years::

Over the past few months, a figure so dominant and iconic has returned to the forefront of our social conscious. Model, actress, performer, entertainer, singer, producer, writer, the enigma that is Ms Grace Jones has firmly been reaffirming herself as the superstar she has always been.

In preparation for her first album in nearly twenty years, the aptly named ‘Hurricane’, Ms Jones has been performing various festivals including the cult Secret Garden Party and Lokerse Feesten in Belgium.

Much noise has been made around “Corporate Cannibal”, an industrial piece of work, with a ferocious and sinister undertone reflecting modern 21st century life. With a jaw dropping monochrome video by Nick Hooker, Grace morphs, distorts and bleeds into what can only be described as a living example of Dali artwork in constant flux. The video has been racking up countless plays on Youtube et al, whilst fans and musos scramble to get their fix of Ms Jones. Here is the video:

Ms Jones has also revealed the details of her forthcoming UK tour for 2009 as well as various other exciting projects. With a cultural legacy that has defined the popular culture over the last 35 years, being the muse of Andy Warhol and symbolising the peak of the infamous Studio 54 in New York, to working with controversial American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and collaborating with visual artist Keith Haring, it is a certain that Grace will be working with the equal creatives of the 21st Century. What to expect, as ever with Ms Jones, will be the unexpected.

The ‘Hurricane’ was released November 3rd 2008 on Wall Of Sound. “Williams’ Blood” was the first single off of the album.

You can purchase The Hurricane on

For now take a listen here:

Grace Jones - Hurricane

Grace Jones - The Hurricane is Coming Website


Grace Jones Official Website

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