December 27, 2008

The Goddess Necklace::

Mikimoto unveiled this year's one-of-a-kind pearl creation called The Goddess,. The Goddess is 18" long and is comprised of 25 perfectly matched, perfectly round South Sea White cultured pearls ranging in size from 17.0 mm to 19.6 mm. The pearls have a unique luster, a faint silvery pink orient with a mirror-like reflection which is rare on pearls of this size, Mikimoto says it took over a decade to assemble this necklace. The custom-designed diamond clasp totals almost 7 carats with pear-shaped diamonds radiating from a marquise-cut center stone, all mounted in platinum. The Goddess necklace is priced at $1,600,000 and it is available at the Mikimoto flagship boutique at 730 Fifth Avenue, New York.

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