November 29, 2008

Mr. President Covers On eBay::

The election of Barack Obama has given the newspaper industry a bit of a boost. Papers in major cities sold briskly on November 5. One of the papers in Obama's home town, The Chicago Sun-Times is particularly proud of their cover from that day. Not only did it sell 700,000 copies making it the paper's best -selling issue in their 60-year history but Oprah held up a copy of the Sun-Times on her show and said it was the best cover worldwide. Now The Sun-Times is offering 44 limited edition prints of the cover on eBay as a limited edition high-gloss giclee print. The high-gloss print is hand-made by Printmakers Chicago and signed for authenticity. The pieces will be parceled out from now until December 9 with numbers 2-15 available now.Bidding starts at $350.

Shrewd eBay sellers are also selling a variety of papers from that day and from various other moments on the campaign trial for exorbitant mark-ups.

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