November 21, 2008

Bentley'$ Private Luxury Train::

Bentley Motorcars chartered a private first class Pullman train to transport customers and top international dealers between London and its headquarters in Crewe for its recent Worldwide Conference, and the result was such a success the company may institute it as a regular feature. The lavish journey featured onboard dining by chef Anton Mosimann of London’s posh Mosimann’s restaurant. Customers purchasing a new Bentley motorcar could travel onboard to Crewe in high style to select bespoke options and finishes.

The elegant private train has luxury climate-controlled carriages, first-class service and trimmings worthy of the Bentley name. “The Bentley Train with its high-profile passengers and excellent service underlines what we have been saying for over 10 years,” commented Simon Pielow of Train Chartering, which handled the arrangements. “A private train is the best way to travel on Earth.” Luxury train travel is experiencing something of a resurgence lately with the launch of new luxury lines such as the Danube Express and Australia’s Ghan, featuring the Prince of Wales’ private carriage.

 Should the company elect to feature the luxe rail service, there are many elegant trains available for charter including the beautiful Royal Scotsman (above). What could be more civilized than that?

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