October 3, 2008

Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierr: Elite Haute Joaillerie Set From Jaeger-LeCoultre

This Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierre from Jaeger-LeCoultre jewelry set includes a cuff-watch, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a ring. Giampero Bodino, the Richemont Artistic Director, along with his team of jewelry artisans, has created exceptional works of art. About 12,000 precious stones measuring approximately 160 carats and two exceptional yellow diamonds (a flawless Fancy Intense Yellow IF 5.19-carat oval diamond on the necklace and a 2.32-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow VIS oval diamond on the ring) play on shades of intense gold and green. The whole setting reflects the shades of nature in exotic form.

Presented at the Venice International Film Festival, the four unique work of art accessories symbolize the wild, free-spirited and ardent spirit of nature. You can wear this same green spirit for a luxurious price of $4,000,000.

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