October 24, 2008

Hermès Citroen 2CV6 Special x Paris Motor $how::

With Fashion house Hermes commemorating the Citröen 2CV’s 60th birthday with a special edition for the Paris Motor Show at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie till November 30, it’s obvious you all must be jumping to take on the saddle. The outfit morphs the 1989 2CV6 Special into a real pony, exquisite enough to force all punters take their eyes off the racecourse, at least for a moment. The iconic vehicle proudly dons the Hermes’ trademark gray-beige leather contrasted with white on the front and rear benches. Everything, including the roof of the car is outfitted in stitched Hermes leather. Not sure how many would now like to take off the adorable removable seats while on picnic or hitting the beach.

Surprisingly, Hermes launched the $2.3 million special Bugatti Veyron too this very year. However, as Eugene Kan puts it, this “car for the masses” is carved with intentions not to appeal buffs who’ve already plunged into, what we can call, a more sensational world of the million dollar plus Veyron.



The 2CV celebrates its 60th birthday during the Paris Motor Show, on 7 October 2008. To celebrate the event, Hermes has designed a made-to-measure outfit that highlights the vehicle's ever-friendly and generous forms.

The 1989 2CV 6 Spécial, repainted in brown, gains a natural leather trim on the door facings, interior rearview mirror, gear knob, steering wheel and driver's sun visor. For an even more elegant finish, the two seats are upholstered in Hermès grey-beige cotton canvas and natural leather. As a finishing touch, the bonnet and interior trim at the rear of the vehicle also feature Hermès cotton canvas.

An exhibition celebrating the birthday of this legendary car opened at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris on 15 April and is scheduled to run until 30 November 2008.

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