October 23, 2008

Cadillac $eville x Designed By Gucci::

In 1979 Seville was available with an aftermarket package provided by a Miami-based firm. An agreement with Gucci, the famous leathergoods and clothing company, produced a limited-issue "Gucci Seville". Available in only three colors-white, black, and medium brown-the exterior featured many indicators of the Gucci identity. A vinyl top covering only the "c-pillar" and featuring the famous Gucci interlocking double "G" fabric pattern, the interlocking "G" on the wire wheel covers, a red/green stripe across the lower edge of the trunk lid, and an interlocking double "G" hood ornament decorated the exterior. Inside, the headrests wore the double "G" pattern with a leather trim, the headliner wore the pattern, and the instrument panel bore the iconic Gucci script above the glovebox. Inside the trunk was a full set of Gucci luggage. The cost of this package pushed the Seville price tag to about US $23,000.

There is one on ebay for purchase right now. 

Here are some pics..

whos going to drive to "THEME$$AGE" in the GUCCIMOBILE..

stop playing! 

double GG $hit baby! - ti$a

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