October 6, 2008

Audi R8 Inspired Catamaran Looks Grand::

Catamarans suddenly have become the coolest things to own and we have been hearing a lot about luxurious catamarans lately. If you were wondering which is the latest and the talk of the town, it has to be the Audi R8 inspired catamaran designed by Bo Zolland. The catamaran uses a V10 biodiesel marine engine and measures 8.8 meters long. You could whiz past water bodies at an amazing top speed of 110mph. The R8 Catamaran not only has a chic Audi inspired design, but also an equally impressive technology that goes with it. The boat comes in a number of cool colors like metallic gray, black and red and it must be quite a sight when you rev up the engine of this mean beauty. With an awesome design like that and with an equally superior technology, the R8 Catamaran surely must be worth its weight in gold.

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