October 4, 2008

First Painting by Kate Moss Ever to be $old x Lipstick $elf Portrait::

The first painting by Kate Moss ever to be sold at auction will be offered by Lyon & Turnbull in London on Saturday.

Painted in 2005-2006, it is a self-portrait in lipstick marked with her own lip prints and stains of her former boyfriend Pete Doherty's blood.

Estimated to bring in between £30,000 and £40,000, the painting is not signed, but is inscribed by Doherty "Who needs blood when you've got lipstick?", and comes with a receipt of sale made out on a Soho House napkin from Doherty, who originally owned the painting.

Robin Barton of the Bankrobber gallery in west London remembers supplying the canvas for Moss. "It was just a cheap canvas from Portobello Road that cost about £15. I don't know of any other paintings she did."

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